9 Best Fitness Apps For 2024

Nike Training Club

Our world-class Nike Master Trainers develop exercises for the Nike Training Club App to help you attain your fitness objectives. NTC has bodyweight-only to full-equipment routines for all fitness levels and is ideal for home, gym, and road training.


FitOn is the best digital health tool because it has the best paid material, the most options, and the most unique social experiences. There's no need for any equipment—you can view it from any computer.

Gymshark Training

You can make your workouts work for you with our training app. With free workouts on the go, you can get ideas while using the gym's tools or train at home with exercises you can do with your own body.

Workout for Women

When you first start, a voice tells you when to start and stop each exercise and lets you know when you're halfway done. You can change the sound so that any of these speech features and/or background music are turned off.

Freeletics: HIIT Fitness Coach

Through the use of both the strength of artificial intelligence and the knowledge of human specialists, Freeletics is able to construct the most efficient training plan for you.

30 Day Fitness at Home

The 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout was made by a professional fitness guide and has been shown to help people get fit and stay healthy. This app can also sync with Google Fit to show how many calories you've burned. 


BurnFit has it all: thorough workout logs, intelligent exercise records, interesting workout reviews, and motivational workout vids. Keep track, learn, and get bigger.


JEFIT is your ultimate workout companion, offering detailed workout programs, HD video exercise instructions, and powerful tools to log, track, and plan your workouts.

Daily Workouts–Fitness Coach

The 5- to 30-minute daily workout plan in Daily Workouts FREE is great for both men and women. It walks you through some of the best exercises you can do at home. A licensed personal trainer shows you how to do these workouts.