8 Nail Art Trends We’re Seeing Everywhere

Aura Manis

In the past few months, aura nails have been all over TikTok. Drake has even tried them on for size, and they don't seem to be going away in 2024.


Set aside your concerns about Balletcore and Cottagecore; the year 2024 is likely to be dominated by Coquettecore. This style is all about frilly, adorable, and flirtatious sentiments, much like the other two designs above.

Pastels For All Seasons

The nail artist and instructor Leanne Haycock believes that pastels will make a significant appearance until the beginning of the year 2024. She predicts that there will be a lot of block and single color sets in pastel tones.

3D Nails

I have a strong belief that we will reinstate the use of encapsulated nails and also add 3D nails! The number of my customers that are enthusiastic about having a 3D element on their sets has increased.

Square All The Way

One might argue that square nails were the essence of the decade of the noughties; nevertheless, we discovered the hard way that the box form was difficult to maintain and resulted in a great deal of breakages and snagging.

Glazed Nails 2.0

You heard it hear first, glazed nails are staying put for 2024. Are we surprised? Not in the slightest, although, a new year brings a new version of the trend.

XL Lengths

When it comes to nail length in the year 2024, the possibility is almost limitless (or at least for as long as you are able to grow your nails without breaking them).

The Frazzled French

Have you spent hours attempting to obtain a French manicure that is precisely even? Those days, according to our specialists, are long gone. Beyoncé would use the phrase "release your wiggle" to describe the current situation.