8 Fast Growing Vegetables for Impatient Gardeners

Microgreens may be eaten in 10 14 days after seeding, or 16 25 days. Quick microgreens include arugula, broccoli, mustard, mizuna, and kale.


Arugula germinates quickly in spring gardens, even in chilly soil. It may be harvested several times but bolts in hot weather, unlike other vegetables.


Select early bush varieties. Bush beans develop faster and don't require trellising, saving time. Before planting green beans, make sure you have enough days

Green Beans

Both leaves and roots of beets are edible. Harvest the healthy greens in a few weeks after seeding. Baby beets mature in 40 days and most bigger ones in 50 55 days.


Growing spinach in the garden requires fertile, humus-rich, permeable soil with a pH near to neutral.


A robust lettuce crop in colder temperatures will give two, possibly three or four harvests. To have fresh lettuce throughout summer, sow consistently in cooler garden places.

Lettuce/Salad Mix

The lemony tang of sorrel will stand out! Sorrel grows as a microgreen or a perennial. Early spring yields tangy leaves that may be plucked at any size!


Orach, often known as mountain spinach, comes in green or red leaves. The amaranth-related leaves taste like spinach and thrive in heat.